Friday, April 29, 2022

1971 Milk Duds Cubs Checklist

Number of Cards

Milk Duds National League set had 37 cards in 1971, with 10 Cubs players.

Size of Cards

When cut correctly, the 1971 Milk Duds baseball card set consists of cards that are 1 13/16" by 2 5/8".

Basic Features

There are 32 American League cards and 37 National League cards in the Milk Duds set from 1971. The cards are numbered, but only on the flap of the box. National Leaguers are numbered 33-69, while American Leaguers are numbered 1-32. The cards were issued on the backs of five-cent boxes of Milk Duds sweets and are sepia-toned on a tan backdrop. Milt Pappas: He is shown in an Orioles cap. However, he was traded to the Cubs on June 23, 1970. Also, Glenn Beckert’s first name was missing the second "n."

Chicago Cubs Base Checklist

Ernie Banks
Glen Beckert ERR/(sic, Glenn)
Jim Hickman
Ken Holtzman
Randy Hundley
Fergie Jenkins
Don Kessinger
Milt Pappas/(pictured in/Oriole uniform)
Ron Santo
Billy Williams

Front of the package

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